Online Tests And Exams

In recent months, it has become the norm for students to undertake their classes online and do their exams online. Some of us have been doing this for a long while most of us are new to this. Taking the test can be daunting to newbies, as they do not know what to expect and have no idea of what is required to undertake these tests and exams and pass them successfully. The differences between the examinations and tests done while sitting in class and one taken on online platforms are not so different. They require good preparation prior to taking the test; however, due to the differences in the platforms that the exams are administered, some extra skill may be required if one is to pass. Students need to be conversant with the tools used by the specific institutions to administer these exams.

Prior To Taking An Online Exam

There are things that one will require to do before sitting for an online test.

Preparation For The Exam

Preparation for the exam will entail reading the course material before the exam. This will ensure that you have covered what is expected in your syllabus and handle the question set by the examiners. Failure to do this will only make the subject and the questions appear alien to you.

Reading And Comprehending The Guidelines Given For The Test

The test guidelines will always be communicated to you beforehand, either during the online classes or by email. You will need to note the following information; the time and exact date that the exam will take place, the time allocated for the test, and the place where you will take the exam. Some institutions may specify that you take the test using specifically designated computers.

Prepare The Material To Use

This will primarily include the computer. You will need to be sure that your laptop or whatever device you are using is adequately charged and in the right working conditions. You do not want your computer to run out of power while you are in the middle of the online test. In some cases, a student will not be allowed to leave a portal once he/she has begun the test. Ensuring that you have a strong and stable internet connection is also essential.

Online Tests And Exams

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Find Out The Format Of The Test

Online examinations will, at most times, have multiple choices, but this is not always the case. You should find out what the format will be so that you can plan beforehand how best you would utilize the time allocated for the exam. In case this is not given, you can prepare for both of the two, as it is not uncommon to have both formats being used during these tests.

Pick A Location For The Test

If it is up to you to determine where you want to take the exam, it is crucial then that you identify a spot that has few distractions to do the exam. Witch your phone and other notifications off to minimize distractions.

After You Are Logged In Into The Exam Portal

Be Aware Of The Time

Unlike in a sit-in test where the examiner may be lenient and allow a couple of minutes more, online exams strictly adhere to the time allocated. As you had practiced, do not spend too much time on a single question to avoid running out of time to tackle other problems. You can always skip a difficult question and circle back later if time allows.

Stay On The Exam Page

As mentioned earlier, it is vital that you stay on the exam page. Some online exams are set with stringent rules that may prohibit you from opening other tabs on your computer. This is to prevent you from Googling answers to these questions.

 Technical Problems

As with all technology, technical problems are bound to occur, especially when many people are accessing a website at the same time. Worry not. If this happens, contact the instructor immediately, reporting the problems you are experiencing in as much detail.

Follow these tips and you will find it very easy to pass any test that is offered online.

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